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The Mission of Project Learning Studio™ is to donate: new, sample or overstock furniture and/or technology directly to teachers in K-12 schools wanting to transform their classroom into a 21st century learning space.

Dream Big
  1. Doug McIntosh is currently taking requests from teachers, librarians and school site administrators to consult free of charge as a specialist for K-12 Learning Environment Design (LED). At this time, Doug is only taking requests from educators in San Diego County schools.

  2. The goal of the consultation is for the educator(s) to begin a Plan of Action to transform their learning space,
    that may include, but is not limited to -

    1. Create a 3 year Plan of Action Outline
    2. Articulate Your Vision - Why do you want to transform your learning space?
    3. Create a Dream Big Floor Plan Design 
      1. (see the free Mooreco Space Planning web app tool as an example)
    4. Explore Self-Initiated Funding Options
    5. Explore School Site Funding Options
    6. Explore External Funding Options

  3. Note- Project Learning Studio™ makes no commitment to provide furniture, technology or any equipment to individuals seeking Doug's consultation services. This nonprofit is currently in its infancy where we have our own Dream Big plans to grow into the mission statement. 

  4. Doug will also take requests to speak at educational meetings with a 'learning environment' agenda.

Request for Learning Space Design - Consultation Form

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